Condition comes in two forms causing vision loss for both children and adults


Retinoschisis is a disease of the nerve tissue in the eye. It affects the retinal cells in the macula (the central fixation point of vision at the back of the eye). Retinoschisis is technically a form of macular degeneration.

Retinoschisis is an eye disease that can cause the splitting of the retina into two layers

Risk factors



There are two forms of retinoschisis, one affecting young children, the other older adults. In both types, both eyes are usually affected. Childhood retinoschisis occurs in boys more frequently than girls, and is usually detected because of poor vision. Peripheral retinoschisis is most common in adults and is usually caused by aging. Symptoms Decreased vision or loss of peripheral vision.


Currently, there are no medical or surgical treatments available for retinoschisis.