Vision For a Visionary


If you have a website, registered a domain name or simply surf the internet from time to time, you probably know his company. Bob Parsons is CEO and founder of “Go Daddy”, the No. 1 domain registrar in the world.

Bob began his business in 1997 as Jomax Technologies. Soon realizing that this probably wasn’t going to be a household name, he had the vision to alter course, renaming his business “Go Daddy” in 1999. Bob’s business philosophy was simple, yet very challenging. He wanted to “create low-priced, feature-rich products and combine it with the highest-levels of customer service.” Obviously Bob is doing a whole lot right. Currently, “Go Daddy” has close to 9 million customers worldwide and registers a new domain every 0.8 seconds!

But like all of us, Bob is human. Try as we might to be superhuman and indestructible, sometimes our bodies don’t cooperate. Bob first came into our office one Saturday afternoon during a Hawaii vacation. Following a vigorous workout (Bob plays as hard as he works!) he began seeing flashes of light, followed by a curtain of darkness – classic symptoms of a retinal detachment that was threatening his central vision.

Fortunately he’d come to the right place. We immediately stabilized his central vision and began preparing his retinal detachment with a procedure we perform in our office. A few days later we moved Bob to the operating room and completed the repair.


Bob could have gone anywhere for vision care, but he chose Retina Institute of Hawaii.


Bob’s outlook on life is truly inspiring. When we first met in our office, rather than focusing on the danger of losing his vision, he immediately focused on improving it. He wanted to rebuild his retina “better than it was before” and worked with us to make that happen. Thanks to his attitude and our know how, Bob made a full recovery during the week following his surgery and was able to return home to Arizona.

Bob lives his life the same way he runs his business: Totally! Don’t tell him he cannot do something. He is constantly pushing the envelope, not only to achieve success in business, but to enjoy his life along the way. When I asked Bob his secret for success, he pointed me to his “16 Rules for Success in Business and Life in General.” You can find his rules online at

My personal favorite Bob quote is this: “We’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time.” A few months after his surgery, Bob invited us to his “” annual Christmas party. He was back to being his old ebullient self. Not only was he having the time of his life, he made sure that the rest of us were also having a great time..

Mahalo nui loa Bob.

We may have saved your vision, but you opened our eyes too!