Knowledge, Diagnosis, Treatment and Follow-up

Every patient should be treated as family, and at the Retina Institute of Hawaii, this is our standard. Long gone are the days of doctors strictly telling patients what to do. At our practice, we explain treatment plans in easy to understand terms so that patients are comfortable and knowledgeable both about their condition and treatment options. We also instill a sense of personal responsibility in our patients’ care and the importance of teamwork in yielding the best possible outcome.
While our technicians and surgeons take the time to walk patients through each stage of their diagnosis and treatment to make sure they are familiar and comfortable with the entire process, we have provided additional information here on follow-up patient care. Should surgery become necessary, we have included both pre-operative and post-operative instructions, as well as, tips for applying eye drops.


Learning about you and evaluating your eyes is the first step

Your first appointment at Retina Institute of Hawaii will involve a comprehensive eye evaluation. This will include a detailed history, review of our practice and an examination of your vitreous and retina. Your eyes will be dilated for this examination and your vision may become blurred for a brief period of time.

Please set aside at least one hour for your initial consultation. If additional tests are required, your visit may go beyond an hour. You may wish to have someone accompany you to drive you home.