Focused on Education, State-of-the-Art Treatments and Outreach

Retina Institute of Hawaii ServicesPrimary, comprehensive eye doctors often refer patients to Retina Institute of Hawaii because a retinal problem is suspected. Part of our exceptional care is providing a full explanation of the condition, in terms a layperson can understand, and a plan for treatment. Using innovative, 3D modeling programs, we educate patients on the systematic causes of blindness and counsel them and their families through the overwhelming possibility of sight loss and the potential options available to allow preservation of vision.

Our advanced technology ensures complete diagnosis and treatment for every patient. We diagnose conditions such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachment, retinitis, uveitis, ocular tumors and use treatments including: optical coherence tomography, microperimetry and fluorescein angiography.

In addition to the wide range of retina care services, Retina Institute of Hawaii provides financial counseling for surgical procedures, assistance with transportation to surgery, information for hotel accommodation and vendor information for Durable Medical Equipment for retina recoveries.



a non-profit mobile screening program that provides free retinal scans to underserved populations

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We also offer a high level of service and unprecedented availability to patients on the neighbor islands and are committed to community outreach and education beyond the walls of our practice. Because we often encounter patients facing preventable blindness, we created Project Vision; a non-profit mobile screening program that provides free retinal scans to underserved populations throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

Striving to provide the very best service to every patient, staff at Retina Institute of Hawaii will work to ensure you receive the attention you deserve. From your first visit to post operation, we’re there for you every step of the way.